The author of “Tough Love: Tackling addiction and seeing change”, Peter Lyndon-James, is an itinerant speaker and can be booked for a Seminar that speaks directly to drug and addiction issues faced by employers and employees in Australia today.


Peter’s Seminars on ‘Drugs in the Workplace’ are designed to equip employers, employees, families and individuals with the right ways in which they can help address the issue at it’s core and provide real tools for lasting change.  Sadly, many employers and families think they are doing the right thing, but in actual fact they are doing the wrong thing. By the time they realise, it is too hard to turn back and creates a ripple effect that damages the entire community.


Peter Lyndon-James’ seminars bring home many hard truths, offering unparalleled and inspiring insight into addiction and the power of hope and real, lasting change.  Peter’s seminars are a perfect avenue for creating change in the workplace or corporate culture – inspiring the values of honesty, integrity and transparency, and offering real-world tools to help beat addiction.