Resources: Support & Recommendations

If you or a loved one need help now and can’t wait or can’t afford to attend a seminar, we’ve put together some resources to support you on your journey.  Please remember, these are only recommendations; everyone will have a different experience, different needs and a different outcome.

Suicide Helplines & Information

If you feel overwhelmed with depression or anxiety – please use the resources listed below to give you ‘a little bit of space to think, feel safe and be heard’.  These organizations offer wonderful support for family and relationship problems, loneliness, isolation, loss, grief, stress and substance abuse:

Shalom House WA: Rehabilitation Centre

Shalom House is a men’s residential rehabilitation centre located in the heart of the Swan Valley in Perth Western Australia, only 23km from the Perth CBD.  Shalom House offers a holistic rehabilitation program that focuses on bringing restoration to all areas of the resident’s life, including finances, relationships, heart issues, employment, education and training for the future.


Our program is practical and hands-on, ensuring that residents and all involved in Shalom are valued and contributing members of the community.  We offer our services to anyone with a life-controlling issue, whether it be an addiction to substances such as drugs and alcohol or people with anxiety, fear or emotional trauma.


Shalom House rehabilitation centre in Perth is founded on Christian Principles and at present caters for up to 140 men across ten properties, staffed by qualified and trained personnel. Our staff and volunteers do their utmost in caring for our clients, making them and their progress our priority.

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