The author of “Tough Love: Tackling addiction and seeing change”, Peter Lyndon-James, is an itinerant speaker and can be booked for a Seminar that speaks directly to the family structure, how to build it and how to restore it when it’s has been damaged.


Peter’s Seminar on ‘Restoring Families’ is designed to equip mums, dads, grandparents and kids with real world tools and insights that will help them build and maintain honest, loving family relationships.  Peter also talks about the damage of drugs and addiction to the family structure, and with stories based in his own personal experience, helps guide families to making the best decisions for themselves and their loved ones.


Peter Lyndon-James’ seminars bring home many hard truths, offering unparalleled and inspiring insight into addiction and the power of hope and real, lasting change.  Peter’s seminars are a perfect avenue for creating harmony and inspiring the values of honesty, integrity and transparency.